In No Great Hurry New York Screenings


New York screenings
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New York Screenings!

In No Great Hurry is finally screening in NYC – Saul’s hometown, where the film was shot and location of most of Saul’s work!

We’re part of DocNYC (alongside Errol Morris, Sarah Polley and Michel Gondry as well as tonnes of other amazing films). It’s a great festival and we’re delighted to be selected.
Come down, meet the director Tomas Leach (he’ll be doing a Q&A) and celebrate the film’s homecoming.
The film will also play at the wonderful Upstate Films Theatre in Woodstock on November 24th (again Tomas will be there for a Q&A), before opening at NW Film Forum in Seattle on Nov 25th.
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Street Photography Vs Commercial Photography

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As a commercial photographer it is sometimes easy to forget why you began taking photographs in the first place. Though I am lucky enough to do a job I love, the world of commercial photography is a place where deadlines, briefs and budgets are King!  This is why I began sometime ago to repursue  street photography in my spare time. This is the practice of capturing the “decisive moment” as Henri Cartier-Bresson put it. To go out into the street and record life as it happens. Armed with one simple camera and no other lights or equipment to hinder you, and above all else, no brief!

The beauty of studying life as it unfolds around you is an amazing meditative experience, as we normally are too busy running to get somewhere else. There is so much happening around us if we take the time to look. For me this is photography in its rawest state, it is both energizing and creatively inspiring. I like to think of it as “urban fishing”, each time you hit the street with your camera you have no idea what you may bring home in the bag!

One important difference between street photography and commercial photography is in post production. Generally a lot of work goes into retouching work for clients, however most street photographers engage in minimal retouching apart from colour correction and setting contrast levels. Any of my images that you see posted on the street category of my blog have not been altered, apart from basic contrast and colour adjustment.

The work of the great street photographers such as Garry Winogrand, Fred Herzog, Henri Cartier- Bresson, Elliot Erwitt, Saul Leiter and William Klein are some of the many pioneers of this great tradition and are alway a source of inspiration for my street work.

I will be uploading new images to the blog on a regular basis, keep an eye open !


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