Avonmore Smooth Vegetable with Crème Fraîche & Garden Herbs Soups

New Limited Edition Avonmore Soup

While doing the weekly shop the other day I came across the New Limited Edition Avonmore Soup on shelf. This is a new edition to the main Avonmore Vegetable range for which I did the original photography. I think Richie Ryan of Greenhouse has done a great job once again on the design of this new pack. Originally, the use of one main colour (green) across the whole range was a big step to take with the design, as colour is usually used to differentiate the various recipes from pack to pack, especially when there is a lot of variants. However, when you see the whole range of green packs side by side they look really strong together. Also the descision not to show soup on pack and just shoot the ingredients helped to make this new line jump out.

From a photography point of view our biggest challenge was to make each pack look different, as with a range as big as this where vegetables are the only ingredient, this was very tricky, especially with no variation in colour!

However, with a good team around us i.e art direction (Richie Ryan) food styling ( Sally Dunne) and the marketing team from Glanbia we managed to achieve this while still keeping a nice harmony throughout the range.

The new Avonmore Smooth Vegetable with Crème Fraîche & Garden Herbs Soups I think works really well as an addition to the original range. Once again Art direction (Richie Ryan) and food styling this time was by Erica Ryan.

Richie Ryan Creative Director @ Greenhouse 

http://greenhouse.ie  ( great website by the way! )

Sally Dunne Food Stylist  


Erica Ryan Food Stylist

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