Petrograd (Part I: The Road To War) M.A. Fagan



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Petrograd (Part I: The Road To War)  by  M.A. Fagan

Petrograd (Part I: The Road To War) by M.A. Fagan
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Russia, St Petersburg, July 1914…Imagine being Sasha and Vassili, 14-year old boys working like slaves in the stinking heat and danger of an iron foundry in pre-revolutionary Russia.Or being 14-year old Inessa Ivanova, the beloved and indulged daughter of a high-ranking diplomat, living in the lavish Winter Palace of Tsar Nicholas II.Meanwhile, a treacherous Russian diplomat, a misguided Serbian army officer, a diseased assassin and a doomed Austrian Prince are all conspiring to bring about a shocking conflict that will change Europe forever and also light the spark of the Russian Revolution.These three teenagers are about to be thrown together into the gathering storm of World War I.

One will witness a life-changing horror, one will become an unwilling Bolshevik agent and one will be sent to fight in the rat-infested trenches.How will they survive?Petrograd – The Road to War is the first instalment of a four-part saga that takes the three central characters through their teenage years, while Europe disintegrates around them. As young Russians they are at the heart of the coming Revolution and all its terrible consequences.

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