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Fargo  by  Ethan Womack

Fargo by Ethan Womack
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Have you ever had that feeling that this is not the reality? That this world is, in a sense, not real? You can clearly see that the laws and principles are real, that every action has a reaction, and that all things that go up must come down, but you also sometimes find yourself staring into a mirror looking at a person that does not quite seem to be you. While this world is real enough, it seems as though there is much more reality to be realized than what is presently available to our perception of it. What is this deep-rooted feeling within our spirits that sends us into this vaguely nostalgic mindset of knowing something that we do not know, that fades almost as soon as we take notice of it?

Is there an answer? I know that you feel it. Look around you. Doesnt it seem, empty? Something brief that comes to mind only once in a while, something easily put off, and shoved away. A small inner feeling within the soul of a human being that screams out that something is drastically wrong.How much vanity consumes your life? Where will it get you in 200 years? Maybe youre a musician, and youve just written a rather grand song.

When the world ends, whos going to hear it? This book, these words, what do they truly amount to? How far can we dive into ourselves until we get lost? Scientists cant even fathom the great expanse of space known as the universe, but how far can our own psyche take us until were not sure where were at or how to get back? With all of our intelligence, we dont even know where a thought comes from. What is the point of great thoughts if the thinkers of such things will eventually return to the dust from whence they came, and if all men eventually die, then what is the point of life?

Is it to have fun? Is it to give the generations of men to come a secure future? Will not they die, just as those in times past have? Where does the vanity end? When do we grab hold to that which we know to be truth? When do all of these lies that surround us, get brought into the light?

When does reality become fantasy, and the fictional thoughts of a man become much more than the reality around him? What is real? Is it what you can taste or touch? Is it only that which is tangible? Or is it that which is intangible that seems to be most real? Those things, which tear you apart so easily, or build you up so efficiently. Whos to know such things? Surely, it is not I. I am a man just as you. Im just asking the questions that nobody wants to think about.If I were to tell you what youre thinking would it shock you? Would you believe it? A better question, I assume, would be, does it matter if you believe or not?

Is it your belief that is the basis of reality, or is reality the basis of your belief? Just because you believe something, it is not necessarily true is it? You may say that its true for you, but if all truth is relative, then what if my truth says that yours is a lie? Is it still true?Fact and fiction can be separated, but truth and fact are one in the same. Whether you believe the words in this book, and the truths that are presented, or not, your belief does not decide what this book is or what this book is not.

Two plus two is always four, no matter how you look at it. You may not like it, but you cannot change it. With that being said, take note that logically, what is, is what it is, because it is, and that which is not, is not, because it is not. If you believe that your belief has the power to change facts, I would have to say, that I believe, the fact of the matter, is that you have been deceived somewhere in your reasoning of what is, and what could be.I apologize for my words that seem to entangle themselves. I do believe that words, though they are most pointless, can be very effective in getting a point across when used correctly.

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