My Lonely Daughter: A Mellowed Girl Shan Vijay



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My Lonely Daughter: A Mellowed Girl  by  Shan Vijay

My Lonely Daughter: A Mellowed Girl by Shan Vijay
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Little Keesha was only 8 years old when she knew what she was going to do with her life. This at a time when other girls her age were gradually weaning off Barbie dolls. She had only one real weakness, and it was her father. Although she was most attached to her mother and grannie as well, her whole life revolved around ‘Daddy dearest.’Keesha always went to her dad for solace, when she was feeling down. He was like her guardian angel, guiding her when the going got tough for her, consistently pushing her to achieve her dreams.

Keesha wanted to go to medical school and become a doctor like her father, but she also wanted much more. She wanted to change the world.This is a story of a girl who braved the odds with the help of her dad and reached the peak of greatness. Whether it was plain and simple rejection from a boy or people taking credit for her work, she overcame it all thanks to her dad’s guidance every single step of the way.This is a story of a girl who achieves her dream, and of a guardian angel, who is her father.

It reinforces in us the belief that there are indeed people who can inspire us and lift us up higher than where we intended to ever reach, merely by being the ‘wind beneath our wings’. This is a story of hope.

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