New Food Styling and Photography Workshop Announced for 19th July 2014


If you are interested in food styling or food photography then you might like to come along to our next workshop on the 19th of July in Howth Co. Dublin from 10.00am to 4.30pm.

In 2013 myself and leading Irish food stylist Erica Ryan decided to host a workshop to cater for the growing interest in food styling and food photography in Ireland. The workshops are designed to assist budding food stylists, food bloggers / writers or artisan food producers who want to capture their produce at its best and take their skills to a higher level. Over the day you will be introduced to the fundamentals of preparing food for the camera, props selection and backgrounds, basic camera techniques, the use of light and lighting along with processing your images. Erica and myself, who have worked together for many years in the commercial food business, will pass on the many tips and ‘tricks’ we have picked up over this time creating mouthwatering dishes for TV, Film, Print and Web.

The response  could not have been better ! Here are just some of the nice comments people have passed on to us about their experience of the workshops:

” thank you most sincerely for an extremely enjoyable and very informative day on Saturday, for me it exceeded my expeditions and I learned loads,”  Clarissa Jane | CJ Cookery School |


” We were all there for slightly different reasons but with the common theme of wanting to take better photos of our food; whether it was for our food blog, or to work as a food stylist or to sell our food online. I can safely say that we all learned a lot! By the end of the day, I felt inspired and encouraged. And I hope that I can apply most, if not all of what I have learned from Erica and Gary and make this blog as visually interesting as possible.” Jessie Stuart | Ms. Cooksalot | |

To read Jessie’s full post please click on link  Food styling and photography workshop and a visit to Howth Farmers Market


“Thank you so much for the workshop on Saturday – it was great! So interesting and inspiring!!”  Roisin Lydon | Lecturer in the Home Economics Department at St.Angela’s College, Sligo |

“Thank you very much for having me on Saturday. It was a fantastic experience and I’ve learned a lot. Now I see my photos in a different light.” Kasia Glosnicka |

“I really enjoyed it. I’m looking forward to doing my next few shots and see how much better I can make them.” Philippa White | Senior Culinary Chef Dawn Farm Foods |

For more information on our workshops please click on the link below:


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